Height:taller than Phineas shorter than Candace. Description:green hair, large nose, purple pants.


Ferb Signature

Ferb is from England. Ferb currently lives in Danville. His dad Lawrence Fletcher moved to America and married Linda Flynn who already had two kids which are Ferb's stepsiblings. Ferb's stepsiblings are named Candace and Phineas. Ferb and his brother Phineas build contraptions and do outrageous things to make every day of summer count. They sometimes build their contraptions with the help of Isabella and the fireside girls. He also has a crush on Dr.Doofenshmirtz daughter Vanessa which is shown in episodes like Vanessesary roughness, Summer belongs
P&f little brother2

Ferb and his siblings. From left to right, Candace, Phineas, and Ferb.

to you, etc. Ferb's grandparents live in England and Ferb has a pet named Perry who is a secrect agent.